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First in the Field's Mission

To recruit and retain new youth and adult hunters and anglers thus preserving our hunting and fishing heritage for present and future generations.

To give youth and adults initial safe, positive, educational, and mentored hunting and fishing experiences.

To teach and promote the highest ethical standards of hunting and fishing practices.

Encourage enjoyment, fun, and a desire to learn more through a reconnection with nature.

To instill an understanding of practical conservation measures in both youth and adults.

To teach skills, techniques, and values of responsible hunting and fishing.

To give new and current volunteers an opportunity to teach, mentor, and pass on their skills in every area of hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation.

To pass on a legacy of proper and responsible conservation of natural resources and wildlife habitat.

First in the Field Core Values

Integrity – to be a person of character, honesty, and ethics.

Stewardship – to take responsibility for the care of the wildlife, habitat, and natural resources that has been given us to manage for future generations.

Sportsmanship – to know and abide by the rules and to remain ethical in attitude and actions.

Respect – to feel and show regard for authority, for one’s self, for those around you, and for the environment.

Courage – the strength to do what is needed and the determination to follow through with it.

Confidence – to know what you’re capable of and to have the knowledge to accomplish it.

Safety – to understand and practice the fundamentals that keep yourself and others safe.

Teachable – to possess a desire to learn in every aspect of life.